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Now featuring the updated 1.5 rules, published  August 2020.

Cryptomancer is a tabletop role-playing game made for hackers, by hackers. It features an original  fantasy setting and gameplay informed by diverse security disciplines: information security, physical security, intelligence analysis, clandestine tradecraft, and risk management. Players assume the role of characters on the run from a shadowy organization that rules the world through mass surveillance, propaganda, and political coercion.

  • Explore a rich fantasy setting connected by the Shardscape, the magical equivalent of the Internet 
  • Attack and defend fantasy networks built upon real networking and cryptography principles
  • Build up your safehouse and manage covert cells of spies, scouts, political agitators, and assassins
  • Customize your character with dozens of talents and spells emphasizing stealth, deception, and creative problem-solving

Kill all the orcs, hack all the things!

*This bundle comes with the "Code & Dagger" Supplements volume I and II. They are "officially" deprecated, but still full of cool stuff.


Buy Now$19.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $19.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Code & Dagger Volume I 257 kB
Code & Dagger Volume II 714 kB
cryptomancer_1dot5_sheets.pdf 403 kB
Cryptomancer_v1.5.pdf 4 MB
cryptomancer_pregens_part1.pdf 217 kB


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Cryptomancer is basically reverse-Shadowrun. Instead of a modern world thrown into chaos by the emergence of magic, it's a magical fantasy world undermined by the invention of an internet. It's really fantastic fun!

Link to more printable resources like sheets: http://cryptorpg.com/downloads/